Void catalogs: Gigantes includes 15,000 VIDE fiducial cosmology void catalogs, as well as over 9,000 catalogs in non-fiducial cosmologies, spanning various values of the following cosmological parameters \(\Omega_{\rm m}\), \(\Omega_{\rm b}\), \(h\), \(n_s\), \(\sigma_8\), \(M_\nu\), and fully leveraging the QUIJOTE simulation suite, which covers redshifts z = 0.0, 0.5, 1.0, and 2 in real- and redshift-space.

Void finder: The void finding relies on the popular public void finder VIDE (`Sutter et al. 2015b<>`__), arguably the most used void finder, as testified by its use in a plethora of papers performing both simulation-based theoretical modelling and data analysis from modern surveys (`Papers using VIDE<>`__).

Information about VIDE, used to build GIGANTES can be found here : `VIDE Wiki<>`__ .

Provided statistics: Void center position (x,y,z—this is the volume-weigthed center, a.k.a. macrocenter), Void effective radius (Mpc/h), Void ID, void volume, redshift, ellipticity, density contrast, number of children (sub-voids), central density …