Cosmic voids are a recent tool for the extraction of cosmological information from large scale-surveys. Theory development to prepare void analysis requires large void numbers. Voids are arguably the largest regions in the Universe, therefore huge simulation volumes are necessary.

Gigantes, built on halos from the massive Quijote simulation suite, aims to provide enough voids to study different void statistics in a realistic set-up. Examples of void statistics sensitive to cosmology are:

  • the void-galaxy cross-correlation function,

  • the void size function,

  • the void auto-correlation function.

Gigantes will allow to:

  • foster research on void evolution by providing a large number of voids at different redshifts and in different cosmologies;

  • explore the information content of the different void statistics (see Applications);

  • push the exploration for cosmology of a number of void properties (examples include ellipticities, density constrasts).

Finally, Gigantes is a massive dataset for intensive machine learning exploration of void statistics. The Gigantes void catalogs built from simulations with different cosmological models (the Quijote latin-hypercube) are instrumental to find a connection between void statistics and the value of cosmological parameters (see applications).