The Gigantes data is organized in different folders, following the structure of the Quijote simulations. The main folders are: fiducial, fiducial_ZA, fisher and latin_hypercube. In each folder it is possible to find a subfolder for each redshift considered, and void catalogs can be found there, labelled sample_[considered_simulation].

Each void catalog has the following structure (VIDE void catalog structure):

  • sample_info.txt: Small text file which lists some basic info of the sample

  • zobov_slice_[sample_name].dat: Binary file with the galaxy positions, RA, Dec, redshift, and unique catalog ID. Note that this file contains all particles in the particular sample, not just void particles.

  • voidDesc_[all,central]_[sample_name].out: ASCII file with void indices and basic void properties in ZOBOV-normalized units.

  • voidZone_[sample_name].out: Binary file which links voids to zones.

  • voidPart_[sample_name].out: Binary file which links zones to particles.

  • vol_[sample_name].out: Binary file with particle local volumes

In addition, VIDE provides the following derived void information:

  • centers_[all, central]_[sample_name].txt: ASCII file with void centers, volume, effective radius, void ID, density contrast, etc.

  • sky_positions_[all, central]_[sample_name].txt: ASCII file with void RA, dec, effective radius, and void ID

  • shapes_[all, central]_[sample_name].txt: ASCII file with best-fit eigenvalues and eigenvectors for each void, in same coordinate system as x,y,z values in centers file

In addition to the [all,central] version of each file above, there are four versions of each catalog:

  • no prefix: only parent voids, density cut applied (default catalog)

  • untrimmed: all voids in hierarchy, density cut not applied

  • untrimmed_dencut: all voids in hierarchy, density cut applied [deprecated]

  • trimmed_nodencut: only parent voids, density cut not applied [deprecated]